Another successful mission!
Another successful mission!

Another successful mission!

Yesterday when Zachary Ortwine stopped by his local pharmacy to pick up his medication for his Type 1 Diabetes, he noticed the black duct hanging down from the ceiling and asked about it when he was at the register.

The HVAC unit that services the pharmacy was not working, so they had to rely on a small residential portable unit designed to cool a small bedroom…

As the temperatures rose throughout the day, rising temperature alarms used on refrigerated medication equipment began to sound to alert the pharmacy staff… the internal temperatures remained in safe range, but the alarms were notifying the pharmacy staff that the rising external temperature was increasing the risk of internal temperatures rising above acceptable storage temperature ranges…

Recognizing the significance of this risk and the import role that safe temperature-controlled storage conditions have on certain medications like the insulin he uses to manage his diabetes, Zach reached out to one of his friends at Buskey Cider that he knew has a portable spot cooler. Thankfully, Buskey owner William Correll was willing to help the pharmacy with their situation by loaning them his commercial grade portable spot cooler to supplement the air conditioning for the pharmacy.

This morning Zach met his friend downtown to pickup this specialized piece of equipment, and together they went to the pharmacy to help them temporarily install the unit. The temperature dropped from 82F down to 73F in a matter of minutes, and continues to provide a sufficient supply of chilled air for the pharmacy until their HVAC system gets repaired. The temperature alarms on the refrigeration equipment have stopped sounding off because the indoor climate has cooled down to safe ranges for the medicines.

This isn’t our everyday type of project, but today it was the most important issue that our team was able to help provide an effective solution to address. We’re able to provide solutions for issues that extend beyond the typical air duct and HVAC system cleaning project, and we do this by partnering with many of the best service providers in our region! We invest heavily in training our staff, so they can help provide you with effective solutions when the need arises.

Unconventional issues call for extraordinary measures, and we are grateful that we were able to help serve our local pharmacy and the members of the local community that rely on these life saving medications. We care about people, and this is why it is our mission to create a safer and healthier indoor environment. Im proud to share that today – we delivered upon our mission!